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Blue Ribbon Milker

Hucow #721 was up for auction, and Gary knew he had to have her. She was tall with long black hair and sparkling emerald-colored eyes; her mocha latte colored skin and large breasts were the perfect size and exactly what he was looking for in a hucow. As owner of Creme Island farm, it was his job to acquire new stock, and his goal was to get the best hucows to obtain the highest butterfat content milk as possible.

#721 was unhappy, but she finds that the Creme Island farm is just what she had been yearning for. It was on a tropical island, she was well cared for, and the owner has taken a special interest in her. All she needs to do is win a blue ribbon at the spring Hucow show and her safety and longevity on the farm would be guaranteed.


Jadara accepts a job as an incubation worker on the planet Hatasia. The tentacled Gritz monsters on the planet have become adept at incubating eggs and raising younglings for use throughout the galaxy. Jadara needs the job to help her family on her home planet Ceresia, which is dying.

When she meets General Tza after her first successful incubation procedure, she is introduced into the special Pleasure Suites of Eggtopia. What started out as a simple job incubating eggs is turning into something she didn't anticipate. Jadara will be trained as a pleasure worker, especially for the general's use, if she agrees to the Hatasian's demands.

The Ruby Alien

Tanya was living her best life until her sleep is interrupted by a presence in her bedroom. An alien abducts her and takes her to his ship in the hopes she can help save his species.

When she awakes, she finds that she is on board an alien spacecraft designed to incubate alien offspring. They explain that she has been mated to a ruby red alien and she will be his queen. With no way out of the situation, she makes a decision to help them if they in turn will help humans.

Tanya gets her wish, but her body and mind will be pushed to the limit, experiencing sensations that will have her questioning her ability to continue.

Emerald Eggs

Jasmine lives in the country and is unaware that she has become a target of alien intelligence. Emerald aliens have been observing her and have decided that she is the perfect woman for their egg incubation program. She is whisked away to their spaceship where the aliens tell her of their need and future intent.

After the experience, Jasmine is transported home, but soon discovers that there is a problem - she is pregnant with the emerald alien's baby!

Underwater Obsession

Stella is enjoying her vacation by the salty marsh near the ocean when she is injured by something underwater. She soon discovers she is being contacted telepathically by the very thing that injured her - an ancient creature named Gibow from the lost city of Atlantis.

Gibow has been trying to find the right woman to love so that he can begin to repopulate the now underwater city of Atlantis. Stella is hesitant, but soon agrees once she understands it will help both species. The process, as it turns out, is more pleasurable than she could ever have imagined! Surrounded by tentacles, Stella surrenders herself to Gibow's charms.


Not your typical Halloween pumpkin story!

Maggie had a non-existent dating life and had all but given up on finding “Mr. Right.” After finding the perfect pumpkin to carve at the farmer’s market, she notices some unexpected changes as Halloween evening progresses.

Jack is a pumpkin that has been cursed by witches that grow pumpkins for the local farmer's market. Once he is carved and lit from within, he turns into something sexy and sinister on Halloween night!

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